3 Reasons Clean Comedy Is on the Rise

Motivational Clean Comedian for Events

Just like people have different preferences in music and TV shows, they have different preferences for the various styles of comedy. Some love comedians who work blue; depend on risqué, profane, and controversial humor to get their laughs. Others prefer performers who rely on clean comedy, avoiding explicit or potentially offensive material and never crossing the Good Taste Line.

Blue comedy has certainly monopolized the spotlight since cable TV opened the “anything goes” floodgates, but in recent years clean comedy has been gaining on that crown. Let’s take a look at a few of the factors driving the rise of clean comedy in the entertainment industry!

1) Clean comedians are appropriate for any event.

One problem individuals and companies planning an event often face is finding a comedian who can deliver a positive experience for everyone. When you’re relying on jokes based on sex, politics, religion, and other touchy topics, someone is likely to get offended. Clean comedy is much more inclusive, offering humor that bridges those gaps to bring diverse audiences together.

An experienced, first-class comedian can entertain at charity fundraisers, professional corporate functions, association meetings, and even church events without embarrassing anyone or triggering unpleasant backlash.

2) Thoughtful audiences love to laugh and think at the same time.

One of the great things about comedy is how humor can be used to get a meaningful message across. With clean comedy, that message becomes more poignant, as it is not delivered via distracting profanity or crude jokes. It takes more effort to make people laugh without using traditional shock-value material.

Instead, clean comedians have to build a more compelling narrative that entertains and hits home deeply at the same time. They put the audience at ease and often make subtle positive points as they talk lightheartedly about work relationships, family issues, give-and-take with spouses and parents, and other universal topics that everyone can relate to.

3) Clean material is easier to use in media.

A crucial aspect of any successful event is marketing. It can be tricky to use a performer in your advertisements if their content is potentially offensive or polarizing to your target audience. When you book a clean comedian, you can use their work in marketing materials freely without worrying about turning anyone off.

This is important for the marketing of your current event, as well as any future events, such as annual celebrations or industry conferences.

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