Fees and Policies

Mack’s fees are in the low to moderate range for a professional of his caliber and experience (go to the Contact page to inquire about fees and availability). Corporations, associations, and other large groups who routinely hire outside speakers are familiar with that range, and he’ll talk specifics when contacted. Many planners are pleased to know that Mack arranges and pays for his own (U.S.) travel, taking that headache off the client.

Smaller organizations who don’t have the resources of the larger companies obviously have smaller budgets for speakers, and Mack is willing to work with them to find a fee they both are comfortable with. Mack also gives major discounts to groups doing charitable work such as cancer support, etc. He performs at a number of Cancer Survival Celebrations each year, and if he has an open date on his calendar, he’ll work with groups who have limited budgets. Other factors can affect the fee, such as travel involved, time and duties required, resources of the organization, audience size, extent of the prep-work involved, etc. If he can comfortably drive to the event from his home in Louisville, KY, that can cut expenses considerably.

No matter what your needs or resources, Mack loves to perform and is eager to work with you–or through your favorite speakers bureau–to make your event the best it can be.