Qualities to Look for in a Motivational Speaker

When you hire a motivational speaker for your event, they can make or break the guest experience. Your attendees will either walk away moved by their words or wondering why they’ve wasted the last hour of their lives. To ensure the former is true for your event, make sure the motivational speaker you choose checks… Read more »

3 Reasons a Professional Emcee is a MUST for a Successful Event

Whether you’re planning a corporate conference, charity fundraiser, awards show, or any other kind of medium to large scale event, a master of ceremonies will have much to offer. You may think, why would I pay someone to come speak in between other speakers? I can just have so-and-so from the office do it for… Read more »

How You Can Show Your Employees You Care About Their Mental Health

As an employer, one of your top concerns should always be that your employees are happy and healthy. If common human decency isn’t enough to convince you that this is important, then at the very least you should consider that your team will be at their most productive when their health and wellness needs are… Read more »

3 Reasons Clean Comedy Is on the Rise

Just like people have different preferences in music and TV shows, they have different preferences for the various styles of comedy. Some love comedians who work blue; depend on risqué, profane, and controversial humor to get their laughs. Others prefer performers who rely on clean comedy, avoiding explicit or potentially offensive material and never crossing… Read more »

Can LIVE Virtual Comedy Work?

To us humorists/comedians, the last couple of years are separated into two periods: B.C., or Before COVID, and A.D., or After the Damndemic hit. In February of 2020, we were flying to events all over the country, hugging and shaking hands, and enjoying the laughter of rooms full of people sitting cheek to jowl. Then… Read more »

Why Your Group Needs to Laugh Now More Than Ever

Not much can compare in this world to the feeling you get after a good, hearty laugh. In the face of hardship though, people are often afraid to lean into humor and appear insensitive. But when you think about it, hard times are the exact times when we need the benefits of laughter the most!… Read more »

3 Virtual Events Advantages That Mean They’re Here to Stay

The last year has ushered in a lot of change in nearly every industry in the world. The event industry is, arguably, one of the industries that has been affected the most. When social distancing and quarantining became the necessary norm, traditional live events all but disappeared overnight. In their place rose a type of… Read more »

How to Choose the Right Speaker for Your Event

Hiring a professional speaker for your conference, training, or other special event is a surefire way to give your attendees an unforgettable experience. When you take a moment to consider what a motivational or keynote speaker can add to your event, the decision to bring one in becomes easy. Choosing the right speaker, however, is… Read more »

What Can A Professional Speaker Do Besides Motivate?

We’ve all probably heard or seen a professional speaker in action at some point in our lives. Maybe your high school brought one in for an assembly, or one was featured at a training event you attended, or perhaps you even just caught a clip on YouTube. As you sat watching, laughing, and nodding along,… Read more »

Improving Communication with Your Employees: 3 Tips to Get You Started

It’s tough to be an effective leader if you don’t know how to properly communicate with your team. That doesn’t just mean giving instructions and criticism either, it means making yourself available to listen to and address employee concerns and ideas too—as the saying goes, you’ve got twice as many ears as tongues for a… Read more »