Could there be a more diverse list of Associations? And Mack managed to thrill them all.

Northwest Public Power Assn:

“When we (selected you, we hoped you’d) be entertaining, make our members laugh out loud, keep the subject matter appropriate and funny but not go “blue,” and leave a message that resonates with our members. Your terrific presentation delivered on all of the above! What more can I say other than to highly recommend you?”

– Will Lutgen, Executive Director

American Coke and Coal Chemicals Institute

“Mack’s was one of the most professional, funny, sincere and down-to-earth presentations that I’ve ever booked…In terms of my satisfaction, Mack is right there at the top of the list…I strongly urge you to recommend Mack to your clients who want to laugh and feel good about their lives. I’m seriously thinking about using Mack again for another client’s annual meeting next summer.”

– David A. Saunders, President

Air Force Sergeants Association

“…the ages ranged from 18 to over 90, (and yet) you had something for every person in the audience. The message was excellent, and the delivery was fantastic. People were still talking about you and your presentation four days later at the final banquet. You have my recommendation for any group that wants a great, personalized message delivered in an entertaining, thought-provoking manner. You set the stage for our convention’s success!”

– Richard M. Dean, Executive Director


“Our members are very sophisticated media professionals, and we were all caught up in your unique brand of insightful humor. We were thrilled with your thoughtful presentation, which was as funny as it was inspiring. Thank you for making me a hero.”

– Tony Quin, President (Atlanta)


“Mack presented a wonderful, thought-out and prepared message. What impressed me most was his research into the type of audience he would be speaking to. Some of his funniest and best received comments were from the information we provided him. Perhaps the biggest compliment came from an Arizona State Legislator, who said it was the most refreshing and fulfilling luncheon he had ever attended—which is saying a lot for someone who’s seen his share of rubber chicken lunches! I would be more than happy to recommend Mack to anyone.”

– Rick Murray, Executive Director (Phoenix)


“The time you spent getting to know our group both before and during the meeting really made a difference, and we enjoyed the “customized” approach. Thanks again, Mack, for bringing your unique form of entertainment to our winter meeting. Your “good-clean-fun” approach made for a good time had by all.”

– Robert Hilsenroth, DVM, Executive Director


“I would like to pass on our appreciation for the wonderful job Mr. Mack Dryden did as the opening guest speaker for APCC’s Conference and Expo in Las Vegas. Mack’s talk during our Welcome Breakfast was spot-on. His humor and pathos blended perfectly with our audience demographic and set the stage for an energetic, positive, and focused tradeshow.”

— Carol MacDougall, Education Manager (Alexandria)


“The special Honoree’s Brunch was a tremendous success, and Mack was the reason. He was professional, funny, and crowd pleasing and did it within the planned time, not an easy thing to do. His mix of humor and sincerity was perfect. The following day Mack was our luncheon entertainment and once again a huge hit. His presentation was a wonderful mix of inspiration, motivation, personal insight, and humor. The ITA’s 100th Annual Convention was indeed special due in large part to the talents of Mack Dryden.”

– Douglas Dougherty, President


“Amazingly in this day and age, you got huge laughs, kept it clean, and were truly inspiring.

— Anish Jain, President


“Mack helped us end our event with a bang, doing an exceptional job of entertaining and motivating the crowd. He was extremely funny and his material was professional and clean. I was especially impressed with his ability to tailor his message to our group of insurance professionals. I would highly recommend him to any group that is looking for someone to make them laugh while providing a positive, motivational message. Thanks again!”

– Andy Rader, State Farm Insurance (Bloomington)

Partial client list:

American Coke and Coal Chemicals Institute

Apartment Assn of Metro Denver

Air Force Sergeants Association

Illinois Fire Safety Alliance

Arizona Dental Assn

ATM Industry Assn

Nat’l Floor Installation Assn

American Public Communications Council

International Claim Assn

Cal Poly University Foundation

Institute of Business Forecasting

Tennessee Assn of Realtors

Illinois Telecommunications Council

Int’l Measurement Science Assn

Nat’l Tile Contractors Assn

Nat’l Assn of Institutional Linen Mgmet

Marconi Awards (Radio)

National Assn of Broadcasters

Nat’l Time Equipment Assn

Radio Broadcasters Marketing Assn