Let “The Punch-Up Guy” make you Funny!

Mack not only writes all his own comedic material, but he’s also written laughs for network TV shows, nationally syndicated radio, and dozens of comedians. Recently he has focused almost exclusively on writing for other speakers. His specialty is studying an existing speech and “punching it up,” or adding laughs throughout the presentation that blend flawlessly with the speaker’s style and topic—as the happy clients below will attest.

“Mack Dryden is a spontaneous combustion of funny who made some hilarious contributions to my play The Heartbreak Henry. He has a knack for supplying exactly the right funny line for any occasion.”
David Sheffield
Former head writer, Saturday Night Live. Screenplays: The Nutty Professor, Coming to America, Boomerang, etc.

“Mack can insert comedic gems into any existing talk, so I have professionally used his years of experience to add more humor to my speeches. The bonus in his coaching is the insights he can provide given my current material.”
Vince Poscente
Olympian, NY Times Bestselling Author, CPAE

“Mack Dryden is the best source of clean corporate humor I’ve ever worked with. For years, I’ve used him to punch up presentations for some of the biggest and best American corporate meetings and he has never failed to deliver.”
Dain Dunston
Executive Coach, Speaker, Author of “Being Essential: Seven Questions for Living and Leading with Radical Self-Awareness”

“Q: Do you have to be funny to be a professional speaker?
A: Only if you want to get PAID! Mack can punch up anybody’s material and add the big laughs that can take them to the next level.”
Chip Eichelberger
CSP, NSA member since 2000, Former Tony Robbins International Point Person”

“I love getting the smiles, chuckles, and positive vibes from my audience when I deliver the gems Mack developed for me. If you are a speaker looking for some fresh and fun ideas that are authentically you, I’d highly recommend collaborating with Mack!”
Melissa Marshall
Founder, Present Your Science, TEDx

Just two days before I was to deliver the commencement address at Elon University, I realized that what I had written was deadly dull, so I called Mack and he saved me. In the first minute of my speech I got two big laughs, and with the crowd then on my side coasted to a successful conclusion. Mack added humor throughout that felt natural, part of the moment and just enhanced the humanity of me and my subject. I highly recommend him.”
Tony Quin
Founder and CEO of IQ Agency, Inc.

“Was looking to punch up my stage show, found Mack and reached out for comic help. He watched a few of my clips, listened carefully to my requests, applied his comic genius, and crafted some great lines. Working with Mack was awesome! He helped me take it to the next level, and I got the feeling he could do it for anybody.”
Jeff Bliss
Master Hypnotist & Agent of Change   MindSetBliss

“Mack’s writing is pure genius, so the witty material he created for me made me sound like a comedic genius! When we started the process, Mack told me his objective was to give me so much valuable material that I would feel like I underpaid him. Needless to say, he easily achieved that, because what he gave me is priceless.”
Scott Edwards
Founder, Verbal Ninja Productions

Use the form on this page to reach out and let Mack help you take your presentation to the next level. He’s happy to work within your budget and guarantees your satisfaction before you pay a dime.