Health Care Groups

Mack appeals to health care groups because he’s hilarious and gives them a needed break from jobs that involve life-and-death decisions. His stories of surviving two different battles with cancer resonate with health care providers because they’re so moving, inspiring and bust-a-gut funny.

American Society of Radiologic Technologists

Best speaker I have ever heard! Truly enjoyed! Standing ovation was deserved!
This session was above and beyond my expectations. No matter the budget, this would be one to keep on the list.
Best speaker since I have been coming to this meeting 16 years! He was absolutely amazing. Loved it!
I would recommend that he opens all of these conferences.
I’ve attended 7 ASRT conferences and believe he was the BEST opening speaker. He relaxed us all and set the tone for the rest of the conference.
That was an amazing speaker to start off RTC!! FABULOUS!!!!
I’m a first-time attendee and also presenter, and Mr. Dryden helped me feel less stress and confident to present tomorrow. This was something I needed!

American Association of Orthopedic Executives:

“Mack’s presentation was a wonderful way to kick off our conference! The audience enjoyed both the humor and the message, and were pleased that he mixed and mingled at our reception…I’ve nothing but kind words—he has been a pleasure to work with.”

– Diane R. Waligurski, Meeting Manager

Pfizer (New York):

“I have heard nothing but rave reviews about the meeting. Your style and facilitation skills were just excellent, and your use of humor was quite appropriate. You helped us address a very serious subject in a fun and enjoyable manner and you related well to the audience. What more can I say? I hope we have the opportunity to work with you again.”

– Robin Sitver, Pfizer Meeting Coordinator

Florida Assn For Homes for the Aging

“Thank you for making this closing event very special. I have to tell you that we laughed all the way home — and it was a 7-hour trip!!! Your evaluations were rated OUTSTANDING by the attendees, and the message so POWERFUL that many participants commented on what a difference you have made in their lives.”

A few additional comments from participants included:

“A great way to end convention! I almost fell out of my chair!”

“This was an outstanding session — please bring him back!!!”

“Outstanding ending! Wonderful, thank you!”

“Fastest two hours EVER!!!”

“You saved the Best for the Last!! Thank you! Well done!”

“Truly inspiring and motivational!!! Thank you so much!”
– Gail Matillo, Director of Housing and Program Development

Arizona Dental Assn:

“Mack presented a wonderful, thought-out and prepared message. What impressed me most was his research into the type of audience he would be speaking to. Some of his funniest and best received comments were from the information we provided him. Perhaps the biggest compliment came from an Arizona State Legislator, who said it was the most refreshing and fulfilling luncheon he had ever attended—which is saying a lot for someone who’s seen his share of rubber chicken lunches! I would be more than happy to recommend Mack to anyone.”

– Rick Murray, Executive Director (Phoenix)

NSABP (Breast Cancer Research, Pittsburgh)

“A simple “Thank you” for your incredibly upbeat and entertaining presentation doesn’t seem quite enough, so for all of us at the NSABP let me say “Wow!” You were right on target with both the tone and the message, and our group left energized, inspired and thoroughly entertained—exactly what we were looking for. The personalized humor really sets you apart from 99% of the speakers out there, and the fact that I still hear people quoting you is proof that your efforts were really appreciated. You lightened our load and then lightened our hearts!”

– Lori Garvey, Director, Public Relations

High Desert Medical Group (Lancaster, CA)

“Thank you for sharing your wit, your talent and your great motivating speech. You were outrageously funny! There was not a single moment that we weren’t thoroughly entertained and totally engaged. It was certainly a pleasure to see the members of HDMG get a real chance to laugh and relax. I can assure you that when an opportunity like this arises again, you are on top of our list.”

– Tess Enriquez, Director of Marketing

St. John’s Hospital (Springfield, IL):

“As grim news afflicts our country, we are all grateful for opportunities to laugh and feel carefree amid our tinges of guilt for having a good time. Mack Dryden provided such an opportunity to (our employees). Mack has a unique way of injecting humor into everyday situations, and we were immediately immersed in laughter—not just smiles, but good old fashioned laughing. And yet, intricately entwined with the humor were stories and anecdotes that were both poignant and insightful, and he left us with a pertinent message.”

– Joseph W. Bretz, Director of Human Resources

Partial client list:


American Epilepsy Institute

Alcon Surgical Sales

Florida Assn of Homes for the Aging

Arizona Dental Assn

IL Nursing Home Administrators Assn

San Juan (NM) Medical Center

WellPoint Health Networks

Advanced Medical Technology Assn

St. John’s Hospital, Springfield, ILL

Consorta Health Care Mgmt

Baxter I.V. Systems

American Assn of Cosmetic Dentistry