Financial Groups

People in the financial sector love letting their hair down after working in their high-pressure jobs, and nobody’s better at putting smiles on their faces than Mack.

FISERV Banking and Credit Union Software:

“Everything we have heard about Mack’s performance from our attendees has been great. Everyone needs a laugh these days, and Mack was a great way to wrap up our conference, especially in these turbulent times!”

– Kimberly Schwalb, Event Planner

Life Insurance Council

“Mack did an outstanding job. He was funny, motivating, charming, NOT a prima donna and even socialized with us at the dinner the night before – a delightful surprise. He’s the genuine article and there aren’t many of those around any more.”

– Michael Sims, Excecutive Director, LIC

Federation of Exchange Accommodators:

“Luncheon speaker was just great! Mack Dryden was excellent! Mack was fabulous! The kudos and positive feedback goes on and on and on! Your opening monologue and comments about the industry and conference sessions were priceless, as were your real life experiences and inspirational message. You were definitely a hit with all of our conferees, which from my experience is a first four our group. We would be honored to be included as a referral. Thank you!”

– Tim Egan, Executive Director (Sacramento)

Escrow Institute of California

“You did your homework and tied together our members with your unique style of comedy which left us rolling in the aisles. What impressed us most was the comfort we felt from the moment you came on stage, and you left us with a very meaningful message. It was a pleasure!”

– Carol C. Hile, President (Los Angeles area)

Institute of Business Forecasting:

“Amazingly in this day and age, you got huge laughs, kept it clean, and were truly inspiring.”

– Anish Jain, President

Partial client list:

Nationwide Provident

Coldwell Bank

KeyBank USA

Pennsylvania Banking Association

Escrow Institute of California

Federation of Exchange Accommodators

Institute of Business Forecasters