The Perfect Host

Mack can turn a potentially boring event into a memorable laugh-fest, while still giving the people who are honored their deserved moment in the limelight. “I usually dread this awards show,” said one attendee. “With Mack onstage, I didn’t want it to end.”

Washington State Engineers Assn

“(Mack) put us at ease immediately with his spot-on “custom” humor that he wrote specifically for our group. The hilarious comments he made as he described the winning projects kept us all laughing and enjoying the awards from beginning to end, and yet he somehow managed to give the winners their moment in the limelight and the respect that they all deserved. Mack was well-prepared, easy to work with, absolutely hilarious, kept it clean, and was the main reason I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews from our membership. I would certainly recommend him to any group who needs a professional Emcee.”

– Bill Garrity, Executive Director

International Paper Company

”Having you emcee our awards segment was pure fun! There wasn’t a single person in the room that didn’t laugh long and loud. Mack, you taught us, entertained us, and became part of us—I appreciate the energy you brought to the group.”

– James E. Foster, Forest Resources (Savannah)


“You hit big time in every category for us: client handling, content sensitivity, eye on the watch, pitching in to help, handling things on the fly, enthusiasm, humor, and all-round great guy. So thank you a million-fold.”

– Richard B. Williams, Michael Carson Productions (New York)

SBC Global:

“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did for us at the SBC Global Markets President’s Masters Pinnacle Club Awards in Hawaii. You were extremely professional, flexible, and you were only concerned in doing what was right for our program, not simply seeking laughs. I want you to know that if we need an Emcee in the future, we will definitely keep you in mind. Thanks for a great job!”

– M.E. Chabalowski, Human Resources (Chicago)

EMG (Producers of SBC Global event above)

“You were not only an outstanding performer and host, you did it under very difficult circumstances. We had 150 award winners to recognize on stage in one hour, and you kept it fun and upbeat without ever letting it resemble a rodeo. And you made my life easy. You continually asked what else you could do and how you could help, and you did it all with a smile. I felt like I had a real partner working in mine and my company’s best interest, and for that your name has moved to the top of my list.”

– Dan Nace, VP Creative Development, EMG (St. Louis)

Surfcam (Software)

“I wanted to thank you for your outstanding performance hosting Surfware’s annual awards. Your ability to take a relatively dry subject like manufacturing software and give it a humorous life made the evening very memorable for all. I found your preparation on our subject matter to be just great. You tailored your speech and narratives around our business like you had been in the field yourself, and it was clean, funny and even inspiring. You met our requirements perfectly, Mack. I will gladly recommend you to any of our business contacts. Thanks for making our event so memorable.”

– Brian Kindilien, Marketing Manager (Los Angeles area)

PMDA (Photography Assn)

“Mack was the perfect blend of MC, entertainer, comedian and corporate presenter…and developed a monologue and presentation that was right on the money. We especially loved his use of photographic humor, which was a real crowd pleaser. Mack was a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to working with him again at future PMDA events. ”

– Jerry Grossman, President, Photo Imaging Manufacturers and Distributors Assn

PHH ARVAL (Fleet Vehicle Management)

“We asked Mack to serve as the host of the talk show, to interview the “guests” and help them impart their business-related information, but also to liven up the program, add humor and fun, and keep everyone awake. Mack was absolutely terrific! He prepared extensively, enhanced our script, and helped the guests feel so comfortable that some of them actually loosened up and joked back with him! All of the information we wanted to get across was covered—but in such a way that the audience’s attention was rapt throughout (and believe me—that’s a feat in itself!). Our clients said it was the best client event PHH has ever had, and they loved Mack, who made it all happen so fluidly and successfully.”

– Pilar Page, Public Relations Manager (Sparks, MD)

St. Paul Medical Services

“Just wanted to say thanks for a great job on St. Paul Medical Services. The audience loved your on-camera video performances. You added just the right touch of humor, which made the event a huge success. As always, your creative ideas and professionalism make my job as a producer much easier. Thanks for a job well done.”

– Bob Brinker, Manager Business Meetings for EventSource

Partial client list:

PMDA (Photography Assn)

International Paper Co.

St. Paul Medical Svces

ATM Industry Assn

SBC Global

Smoothie King

PHH Arval (Fleet Vehicle Management)

Washington State Engineers Assn

Western Sizzlin’ Restaurants