How You Can Show Your Employees You Care About Their Mental Health

White Outline of Head with Heart in Middle on Blue Background Mental Health Concept

As an employer, one of your top concerns should always be that your employees are happy and healthy. If common human decency isn’t enough to convince you that this is important, then at the very least you should consider that your team will be at their most productive when their health and wellness needs are met.

Employee mental health has always been imperative to a successful company, but the pandemic has elevated it to an urgent priority. So, what can you do to show your team members that their mental and emotional wellbeing matters to you?

Open the lines of communication.

Discussing mental health openly and honestly helps reduce stigma and encourages employees to be proactive and seek support. Lead by example and talk about your mental health experiences as a leader in the company. Your team will take this as a signal that you’re offering them a safe and understanding space. Meet with your employees one-on-one regularly for mental health check-ins to further encourage positive habits and get help to those who are struggling.

Provide resources to help reduce employee stress and support mental health.

In order to truly support your employees’ mental health, you need to talk the talk and walk the walk. The most meaningful supportive action will come through company policy. This includes offering benefits that provide mental health coverage, allowing flexibility in scheduling and work environment (in-office vs. remote based on needs), and supplying ample PTO and encouraging employees to take it.

Also be sure to provide a list of mental health resources they can access, such as a list of in-network providers and free local or online resources.

Organize events to promote team connection (and fun!).

Be active in providing time and opportunities for employees to relieve stress and focus on their mental wellbeing. Aim to offer regular opportunities, such as monthly yoga workshops or daily meditation time, as well as special events. Hiring a motivational speaker or comedian to speak to your troops, for example, can do a lot to improve morale and remind them to check in with themselves—just ask Mack Dryden!

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