What Can A Professional Speaker Do Besides Motivate?

Professional Motivational Speaker for Hire

We’ve all probably heard or seen a professional speaker in action at some point in our lives. Maybe your high school brought one in for an assembly, or one was featured at a training event you attended, or perhaps you even just caught a clip on YouTube.

As you sat watching, laughing, and nodding along, did you ever think about what a professional speaker is actually doing? You know that motivational speakers are supposed to, well…motivate. But what else can they bring to a performance? And more importantly, how else can they benefit your business?

Luckily, as a professional speaker myself, I’m uniquely qualified to offer a little insight on some of the other benefits of hiring a professional speaker, besides motivation!

Professional speakers educate their audience.

Yes, the goal of many professional speakers is to motivate. But what use would that motivation be if we didn’t also teach our audience how to turn it into action?

Professional speakers tell powerful stories and convey poignant messages that serve as a catalyst for change. Through those stories though, we also help to educate you on what steps are most important to take to reach your goals. I always make a point of asking the client about the particular concerns of their group so I can connect them to the points I’m making. I see a lot more heads nodding in recognition when I mention a detail that’s close to home

Professional speakers offer a new perspective.

Working in the same field, with the same people, in the same office all the time can often keep employees stuck in one mindset with very little variation. A professional speaker can present ideas and challenges in new and creative ways.

If you’re a business leader, a fresh perspective from a skilled motivator is a great way to stimulate the minds of your employees. They’ll open themselves up to new ideas and be able to tackle problems with innovative solutions. One of the most satisfying comments I get from attendees is, “I’ve been doing this for 20 years, but I never looked at it that way. Thanks.”

Professional speakers bring positivity.

Ultimately, a professional speaker is an entertainer. Being inspirational, educational, and often using humor, is how we connect with our audience. Our goal is to make you feel good with funny, interesting stories and motivational words.

When you hire a motivational speaker for your business, you give your employees a much-needed break. You also promote social interaction and therefore, relationship building among them. “They’re still quoting you and laughing a month after the meeting”, is something else I get a lot. And last but not least, you help them appreciate what they have—including their job.

The best way to truly learn what a professional speaker can bring to the table? Bring one in for yourself!

Whether you’re looking to educate, inspire new ideas, or just make people laugh, I have decades of experience engaging with audiences from all backgrounds and industries. I use clean comedy and my unique story to help companies reach their goals and give individuals a good show.

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