Why Inspiring Your Employees Should Be a Top Priority

Motivational Speaker in Louisville, KY

We’ve all had one of those dead-end jobs where we can barely drag ourselves in every morning and then dash out the door when the clock hits five. When you feel like just another cog in the machine, your days become draining, you’re constantly miserable, and your productivity plummets.

As a manager, business owner, or leader in your office, it is YOUR responsibility to give your employees a reason to show up and put in the effort to help your company grow!

Take it from someone who specializes in motivation—you’re not going to get anywhere close to your goals if the team you need to make them happen isn’t inspired to go there with you.

And here’s why.

Motivated employees perform better.

Growth only happens when you’re willing to put in the work. When you inspire your employees, you’re instilling the drive they need to achieve individual career and company business goals.

Somebody who can see the value in what they do and has something to work towards is going to put more effort into their work and their role in your company. The bigger the spark, the more efficient they’ll be.

The more inspired the staff, the more positive the work environment.

Shared goals promote healthy and supportive relationships between you and your employees, and your employees with each other. When everybody wants to do a good job, they’re more inclined to work together to make things happen!

A problem to solve or a quota to be met for the office encourages teamwork, mutual support, and often has some pretty stellar and creative results.

When management takes the time to motivate, employees remain loyal.

Businesses experience less turnover when staff can see that you care not only about how well they perform, but also about how happy they are in what they’re doing. Satisfied employees want to stay where they are. Motivation in your staff translates into commitment to your purpose.

True inspiration in the workplace takes more than just sales bonuses and free catered lunches. To really keep your employees motivated, you need to make them feel good about what they’re doing and help them understand why they’re doing it.

You need someone who can help you create that magic.

Contact me—Mack Dryden—to learn about how I use my experience as a professional speaker and standup comedian to help inspire people of all ages, backgrounds, and senses of humor in a diverse range of industries. Let’s talk today about what I can do for you and your team!