Why Your Group Needs to Laugh Now More Than Ever

Funny Motivation Speaker for Events

Not much can compare in this world to the feeling you get after a good, hearty laugh. In the face of hardship though, people are often afraid to lean into humor and appear insensitive. But when you think about it, hard times are the exact times when we need the benefits of laughter the most!

If you’re planning an employee appreciation event, industry conference, or other group event now that the pandemic is easing up, a comedian or funny motivational speaker can be the light at the end of a long, dark year for you and your guests. Consider these reasons why you would all benefit from laughing some of the pain away!

Laughter helps you relieve built-up tension.

There’s an old psychologist you may have heard of—his name is Sigmund Freud—who had a theory about humor called the “relief theory.” Freud hypothesized that laughter and humor allow the conscious mind to release pent up, suppressed thoughts and energy from the unconscious mind. After a year and a half of shared trauma, you and your group members have a lot of anxiety and grief to let go of. A good round of laughter can help you disengage and release it.

Laughter increases “feel-good chemicals” and decreases stress hormones in your body.

Scientific studies have shown that laughter lowers the levels of cortisol (stress hormone) in your body and triggers a release of endorphins, which are the chemicals produced by the nervous system to boost your mood. Decreased stress and improved mood not only make you feel better mentally, but also allow your body to physically relax. Think of laughter as giving your brain and body a rejuvenating rest among numerous other healthful benefits.

Additionally, research has recently proven that laughter actually releases cancer-killing agents into your system, so a belly laugh could destroy an invader before it can grow!

Laughter allows you to connect with others.

Sharing humor with others helps you identify with them. Laughing with someone, especially a group, creates a sense of unity. After many months of social distancing and increased loneliness, connecting with other people now is especially important to your mental well-being. Fostering these human connections also makes it easier to cope with difficult emotions, of which there have been plenty from recent events, on an individual level.

When it comes to delivering doubled-over belly laughs and long-lasting inspiration along with them, Mack Dryden never disappoints. Through the comedy magic he creates on stage, or virtually if preferred, Mack can provide the much-needed break and reenergization you and your guests desperately need after the events of 2020.

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