3 Tips for Building Confidence in Public Speaking

Professional speakers are some of the most deceiving people you will ever encounter. I’m not talking about the way we strategically tell stories and jokes to make our audience feel a certain way or see something from a new perspective. I’m talking about how we make public speaking look so easy!

Professional Public Speaker in Louisville, KY

The fact is, everyone gets stage fright at some point in their life—even people who stand on stage for a living. Luckily, the pros have figured out a lot of smart ways to overcome this fear and become comfortable in front of an audience. Even luckier for you, I’ve decided to let you in on a few of the secrets to being confident when it comes to public speaking!

1) Preparation is key.

Do you know what trips people up the most? The unexpected. Now, you may not be able to control what your audience is going to do, but you can control what you say on stage and how you say it. The only way to have full command over your performance is to practice until it becomes reflexive!

Rehearse in front of the mirror, a video camera, and your family and friends as often as you can before the big day.

Your practice audience and recordings will help you get comfortable and correct mistakes in your performance. Do you seem jittery? Talk too fast? Feedback from a few friends and a camera can do wonders to help you feel prepared before the main event. Don’t forget to check out the venue ahead of time too, so you have a chance to get comfortable in your surroundings.

2) Get in the right mindset.

One of the best ways to boost your confidence on stage before a performance is to get excited! Visualize yourself succeeding and use that image to motivate you and tap into your courage as you practice.

When the day arrives, focus on keeping yourself free of stress and worry. Sing your favorite song in the shower, watch your favorite stand-up routine, and put on your lucky socks to make yourself feel calm and ready.

3) Calm your body.

It’s just as important to physically prep yourself for a show as it is to do mentally. Think about what you’re putting into your body before you head to the stage! The last thing you want to do when you’re already nervous is pump yourself full of espresso and down a sugary donut. Stick to something that will satiate you without making you run to the bathroom mid-performance, like a banana.

Drink just enough of water and chew some gum to keep your mouth moist and prepped for speaking! Try to fit in a little exercise session too to get those endorphins flowing, or a few minutes of meditation to relax your body and relieve tension.

Don’t let stage fright keep you from pursuing your dream as a professional speaker! Head over to my website to take advantage of the expert resources available at the Mack Store to help you figure out what you want to say and the perfect way to say it. You’ll be conquering the stage before you know it!