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Qualities to Look for in a Motivational Speaker

When you hire a motivational speaker for your event, they can make or break the guest experience. Your attendees will either walk away moved by their words or wondering why they’ve wasted the last hour of their lives. To ensure the former is true for your event, make sure the motivational speaker you choose checks… Read more »

Can LIVE Virtual Comedy Work?

To us humorists/comedians, the last couple of years are separated into two periods: B.C., or Before COVID, and A.D., or After the Damndemic hit. In February of 2020, we were flying to events all over the country, hugging and shaking hands, and enjoying the laughter of rooms full of people sitting cheek to jowl. Then… Read more »

A Funny Motivational Speaker Adds Value

Okay, that sounds very self-serving because I’m a funny motivational speaker, but keep in mind that there are LOTS of hilarious speakers out there, like Judi Holler and Steve Rizzo. And having done it for more than 20 years, I’ve learned a lot and gotten so much specific feedback from clients that I’m convinced most conference attendees… Read more »

3 Tips for Building Confidence in Public Speaking

Professional speakers are some of the most deceiving people you will ever encounter. I’m not talking about the way we strategically tell stories and jokes to make our audience feel a certain way or see something from a new perspective. I’m talking about how we make public speaking look so easy! The fact is, everyone… Read more »

How Can I Become a Professional Speaker?

Motivational Speaker and Stand Up Comedian for Booking

As a professional speaker, I get asked how one gets into this field so often that I’m providing some of the answers as a public service. There’s no need to bore you with my qualifications to convince you I know what I’m talking about (if you’re interested, you can check them out here). I’ll just… Read more »