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Curl Up & Dye

The longer I’m married, the more I realize that men and women’s brains are wired as differently as circular saws and curling irons. Not even close. Their divergent evolutionary paths no doubt began when the couple with the charming brow ridges realized that since the woman had baby food hanging conveniently right there under her… Read more »

Yard Larceny

If you parked a slightly-used but fully functional Harley-Davidson on your lawn among your other yard-sale white elephants and put a $20 price-tag on it, an Early Bird would run his hand over the buttery leather seat, nudge the brand-new tires, note the gleaming paint job and flawless chrome tailpipes, then ask if it runs… Read more »

Worldwide Whoopee Wanes

Researchers probably have mixed feelings when they’re baffled by the results of their own study. On the one hand, nobody wants to do a study just to be baffled. On the other hand, the quickest way to get a lucrative research grant is to be a baffled researcher with a furrowed brow and a burning… Read more »

Spam and Eggs

  If I took advantage of all the Male Enhancement offers that clutter my Spam box, I’d soon look like a fireplug with fifty feet of hose. If I took advantage of a tiny fraction of the Cialis and Viagra offers, the hose would be pointing at the tenth floor like a howitzer. The avalanche… Read more »